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Hey there, I'm Drew!

I’m a game designer and I strive to deliver exceptional experiences. I’ve worked on all kinds of neat projects from arcade-style games to educational games played in schools.
Here, you can check out some of my work:

A physical game specially designed for youth with physical and mental disabilities. Create animals and household items by combining shapes of all different sizes and colours!

snake pit screenshot_1.1.1.png

A solo project designed and developed under similar constraints to games created in the 1970s. Dash across the pit, dodge snakes, collect treasure and get the high score!


An educational game designed for students in grades 4-6. Save Mathstoria from corruption by rejuvenating the environment using your math skills!

Zorbit's Math Adventure Cover.png

An educational game designed for students in kindergarten and grades 1-3. Explore the galaxy and help your friends by playing dozens of fun math-based mini-games!

snapshot isle 1.png

A puzzle game where players solve photography-based challenges to help save a struggling summer camp program. Meet quirky characters and upgrade your camera with striking visual effects!

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